Solving the holiday car seat challenge

Solving the holiday car seat challenge

by Rachel at mumwithwanderlust

What to do about car seats is one of the biggest questions people have when planning a family holiday. Even if you intend to stay in the hotel resort for the entirety of your trip you still have to safely get your kids between the airport and your accommodation. We recently had the chance to try out the hifold fit-and-fold booster seat and the mifold comfort grab-and-go car seat.

In short, we LOVED the car seats!

Travelling with car seats is challenging. It’s not so bad when the children are babies. Infant car seats are relatively portable, they even have a handy handle which makes them easier to carry.

Toddler car seats travel less well, but it’s often easy to hire a car seat for a toddler. Our real challenge began when our toddlers turned to pre-schoolers. Here in the UK, we expect our young children to use car seats for many more years; but on holiday there aren’t very many options for them. Especially when travelling to countries that don’t have such tight road safety rules as we do at home.

We’ve travelled extensively with our children. When our girls were 4 and 5 years old, we took them to Goa, India. We couldn’t take their high-back booster seats with us. Carrying one with us would have been bulky and impractical but two was out of the question! And there was always the worry that the seats would be damaged during transit.

I wish we had known about the mifold car seat options back then but sadly we didn’t. Instead, we made a last-minute dash to buy cheap booster seats for the children so that they would have something on the roads in India. Thankfully, no accidents were had, and the girls were safe. But they certainly weren’t as well protected as they would have been had we bought them a hifold booster seat each.

hifold booster seat

Our hifold fit-and-fold review

Despite the small size the hifold booster seat offers a lot of protection. In addition to positioning the seatbelt properly over the lap and shoulder, it gives side impact protection. The seat itself doesn’t raise or ‘boost’ the child up as such but it brings the seatbelt down into the correct position for the child. The hifold booster seats fold down so small that they’re only slightly larger than the basic booster seat pads we bought for the girls all those years ago. And they have their own backpacks so that they zip neatly for easy travel.

How much space does the hifold booster seat need?

Our girls reluctantly gave up their high back booster seats when our baby arrived. The isofix base of his car seat takes up so much room we can’t fit two basic booster seats next to him let alone two high back boosters. We searched for a long time for slim boosters so that we could have three car seats in the back of our car to no avail. We don’t drive a small car by the way; we currently have an Audi e-tron. Incredibly the hifold booster is so small it even fits in the middle seat between a large booster and a very large infant car seat.

How easy is it to fit the hifold booster seat?

It’s incredibly easy to unfold the hifold booster and fit it to the car. I actually filmed myself unfolding and fitting the seat to show on my Instagram stories and it took under 35 seconds! When you have a taxi driver waiting to whisk you off to your hotel and tired kids from a long-haul flight speed is of utmost importance!

How comfortable is the hifold fit-and-fold booster seat?

Adjusting in 4 places to fit the width and height of your child, the hifold booster fits children from age 4 to 12 years (max 150cm) comfortably. My girls are currently ages 8 and 9 years old and both of them love this seat. They find it incredibly comfortable.

mifold booster seat

Our mifold comfort grab and go review

My 9-year-old tested the mifold comfort grab-and-go. Similarly, to the hifold it doesn’t actually raise the child up in the seat, but it cleverly repositions the seatbelt so that it fits over the shoulder and lap properly. Not only does this make it much safer for the child, it means that the belt no longer cuts into your little one’s neck while they’re travelling! My kids can’t be the only ones that complain of this happening if the seatbelt doesn’t fit correctly. While safety is a higher priority than comfort in a car seat it is nice to minimise the moaning. Especially when we’ve all had a long journey.

How much space does the mifold car seat need?

The seat pad folds in half and easily fits into a backpack. My 9-year-old carried hers in her hand luggage all the way to Austria. It barely weights more than a bottle of water and takes up slightly more space than her Nintendo Switch.

How easy is it to fit the mifold seat?

Opening and adjusting the seat pad takes a matter of seconds and my children can both do it very easily without adult help. Positioning it in the car varies ever-so-slightly dependant on whether the seat has a contoured back or not. Once you know which you have (this is easy to figure out once you’ve watched the mifold fitting instructions) you can just place the pad into position. Again, once my girls had been shown the position for the car, they were in they could easily do it themselves.

How comfortable is the mifold grab and go?

Having the seatbelt sit in the appropriate place for her height made the world of difference to my daughter’s comfort in the car. There’s nothing worse than having a seatbelt chaff against your neck. On balance, for long journeys both of my girls would choose the hifold fit-and-fold over the mifold comfort grab-and-go purely because it has sides they can snooze against!

If you are trying to solve the holiday car seat challenge, I highly recommend you try the mifold car seat range. Our mifold seats will certainly be travelling the world with us for years to come.


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