Our story

Our story began with a vision - to create a child car safety seat that was so compact and portable that children could keep one with them all the time and be safe, no matter whose car they were in.

A simple idea

Invented from his own needs of being a parent of four, Jon Sumroy has transformed a simple idea into a successful product,mifold the grab-and-go booster seat. The multi-award winning booster seat has now sold over a million seats worldwide and has brought a convenient and safe revolution to keeping children safe in cars.

"When I was living in the US, my children, who were very little at the time, were involved in car sharing with various neighbours. On numerous occasions they would be required to sit using the adult belt. So I looked into the danger and I was alarmed."

— Jon Sumroy, the inventor of mifold

Jon's concerns transformed into the germ of an idea, namely a booster seat that could be easily folded away.

A few years later, in 2012, Jon set about designing and building a prototype foldaway booster, while also registering a patent on the concept.

Fast forward to 2015, Jon is launching mifold, the grab-and-go booster seat on the Indiegogo crowdfunding site. “July 14 was the most exciting day of my life,” he recalls. “We had a target of achieving $40,000 in pre-sales. We had achieved that target within two hours and by the end we raised $2m.

The multi-award winning booster seat has now sold over a million seats worldwide and has brought a convenient and safe revolution to keeping children safe in cars.

"I had booster seats in my car but not for the other children so there was a safety issue there. Equally, the other parents had booster seats for their own kids but not mine."

— Jon Sumroy, the inventor of mifold

Award-winning product

mifold seats have won dozens of innovation, design and parenting awards including the prestigious NASA Tech Briefs Award, The European Product Design Award, a JPMA Innovation Awards, A'Design Award, IDA Gold Winner, the German Design Award and Moms Choice, National Parenting Center, Family Choice and Eco Excellence Awards.

The journey continues

Three years down the line, the mifold team came up with another revolutionary product –hifold, the fit-and-fold booster. hifold offers the added support, comfort and protection that parents are looking for in a highback booster car seat.

Thanks to its innovative design, the Transformer-like booster seat brings unparalleled compact portability to the car seat category for parents and caregivers who struggle with bulky car seats during travel and on-the-go situations.

"The world today is going through a personal transportation revolution, it’s time that booster seats caught up."

— J.R. Sullivan, TIME

hifold folds up to be so compact, portable and convenient that parents no longer need to cut corners and take risks with their child's safety.

When travelling, our portable hifold booster seats will give you peace of mind and the children will find it reassuring having their own familiar seats during the transfer, taxi rides or car hire.

In 2001, Jon had a vision to create a child car seat that made traveling anywhere with a child easy, simple and, most importantly, safe! It took a few years but he made his dream come true.

And even though now his children are too old for booster seats, Jon is delighted that other parents and caregivers worldwide are benefitting from his vision of a better and safer world for children.