What if you could make your child's car seat smaller, portable and yet just as safe?

Our innovative mifold car seats revolutionised the industry and are filling a worrying gap in the car safety marketplace.

Engineered for Safety

Top designers, engineers and industry experts have created mifold car seats to make sure no child will travel unrestrained again.

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Innovative & Adjustable

We know children grow and develop at different rates that's why our car seats adjust to the child’s unique size and shape to ensure optimal seatbelt fit - and will continue to adjust as they grow.

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Tested, approved, safe

Our car seats not only meet but exceed the UK and EU R44.04 safety standards

Compact and portable

By being so compact and portable, our car seats are filling a safety gap

Highly adjustable

Our seats adjust the seatbelt to always fit the child securely, however he/she grows

For children aged 4-12

Suitable for children age 4 and up, weighing between 15-36kg, up to 150cm tall

In the press

hifold is anything but ordinary

hifold is a high-back booster seat that provides superior comfort, support and protection for little passengers whilst remaining convenient and portable for parents. A win-win!

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"... could be the most innovative development in car seats in decades."

— Robert Duffer, CHICAGO TRIBUNE

"The world today is going through a personal transportation revolution. It’s time that booster seats caught up."

— J.R. Sullivan, TIME

Protection available at hand

We've made mifold Original the most compact car seat in the world as we know how hard it is to carry around a bulky booster seat - and using the seatbelt alone on a child could do more harm than good.

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How it works

A traditional booster lifts the child so the seatbelt fits them, instead mifold pulls the seatbelt down at a custom fit for the child in the seat, routing the lap belt over the child's upper thighs.

Comfortable & Safe

Safety runs in the family and mifold Comfort is no exception! Build with an extra padded CompactComfort™ seat cushion and anti‑slip FrictionFabric™ it will make your travel experience even better.

Plus, you get to legally use it everywhere in the world! Well, almost everywhere (except Australia and Taiwan).

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Frequently asked questions

What people say

Amazing product!

"We took this abroad with us for our seven year old and whilst it didn't give her a boost in the seat, it did keep the seatbelt away from her neck making it fit her smaller body easily."

— M. Nicoll

A major win!

"Our daughter is a petite 10 year old and still requires a car seat. Sometimes a neighbour will offer to pick her up from school so we leave this in her backpack and she has it in case it's needed. It also helped us on Uber and Addison Lee rides as well and this gives us peace of mind that she will be safe."

— Katie

Worth every penny!

"Fantastic slim car seats!! Been using for a few months now and my kids love it! We’ve now bought a second! Lightweight while not compromising comfort and safety! Definitely recommend to those after a slim car seat."

— Richard